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What's The Deal With These Flesh Prisons?


i’m late in sharing this since i’ve spent the week visiting my sister in nyc, but i contributed to a website that i really really like a lot and will hopefully get the chance to do it again soon~

so many men have kicked me out of their beds this week

A round-up of things that made me smile this morning when I should have been doing work but read the whole internet instead!



Winona always makes me smile :)

My friend Dana Drori launched a site about food as it relates to memory and feelings: Aftertastes! If there’s a recipe you like, or a story you want to tell about, say, chopped liver, you should submit to info@aftertastes.co

A funny essay by one of my new favorite people Monica Heisey <3<3

Flavorwire likes my essays?? :DDDDD Thanks @HeyDonnelly! AKA Elisabeth Donnelly, whose essays I love. (Pre-order her book here)

Another new favorite, @emilymkeeler is the new books editor at @npbooks YES <3

Lastly part of me wishes that Anna Fitzpatrick would stop publishing hilarious pieces so that I could get some work done but also what is life for if not laughing with Anna: http://thehairpin.com/2014/10/13-things-that-all-women-in-their-twenties-who-are-possessed-by-lucifer-prince-of-darkness-are-sick-of-hearing


love kathleen, love my coven

I mean,

I mean,

Snackwave Arabelle

Snackwave Arabelle