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  • m: your skin looks so pretty right now, even with no makeup on.
  • kj: i have makeup on.


A man walks into a bar. He takes a seat at the bar, nods to the bartender, orders a Corona. The man is alone. He is the joke.

The Hairpin is killing it lately (via eoporto)

Hey, I wrote this! Go read it!

(And thank you, eoporto!)

Is My iPhone a Tool of the Patriarchy? Notes From an Investigation | The Hairpin






"New U2 album automatically loaded onto iTunes, Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda remains suspiciously absent."


You keep using that word.

I don’t think it means what you think it means. 

Someone please tell me this is satire.

-the exhausted one

hahahaha they think this isn’t satire …

Let’s be fair.  People say some really insane stuff.  Plus my grandma’s batshit insane and has fucked up my ability to detect sarcasm.

-the exhausted one

unfortunately, I can’t be fair, because my simple lady brain doesn’t understand reason. Sighhhh, I guess I’ll have to settle for mocking you.